Ujung Kulon National Park, Java, Indonesia
All images (c) Fletcher & Baylis

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Nipah palm swamps
(Nipah fruticans)

Wild sugar palm(Arenga obtusifolia) forest a trail used by Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus)

Dung balls of the Javan Rhinoceros
(Rhinoceros sondaicus)

Javan Rhinoceros track
(Rhinoceros sondaicus)

Banteng bull at wallow
(Bos javaniucus)

Banteng cow at wallow
(Bos javaniucus)

Muntjacs at wallow
(Muntiacus muntjak)

Mud rubbed on tree by
Javan Rhinoceros
(Rhinoceros sondaicus)

Tree buttress
(Dracontomelon dao)

Nipah palm flowering
(Nipah fruticans)

Strangling fig
(Ficus sp)

Beach Thick-knee
(Esacus giganteus)

Beach on the south coast

Beach and beach ridges with pioneer vegetation on the south coast of Ujong Kulon

Lion's Mane Jellyfish
(Cyanea sp)

Beach ridge flora on the
south coast

Mouth of the Cikeusik river &
lagoon behind a seasonal sandbar

Mudskipper in mangrove swamps at
mouth of the Cikeusik river

Cikeusik river & Nipah
Palm swamps