Introduction: Wildside Photography has more than 40,000 images and video clips on file. The emphasis is on nature, conservation, and the amazing biodiversity of the endangered fauna and flora of Southeast Asia with images of many rare wildlife species from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The collection also includes pics from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Israel, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Tunisia, and Turkey. In addition we have a large collection of geologygeomorphology and environmental images. Scroll down and click on the links below to see samples of Wildside's images.

To search for all images from specific countries use the links above, for images of specific subjects go to our Photostream on Flickr and use keywords such as the species name, location (e.g country) and IUCN Red Book status (e.g., endangered, vulnerable etc). Scientific names of fauna and flora give more accurate results than common English names. Geological terms (e.g., igneous, metamorphic, mass wasting, erosion etc) can be used to find geology and geomophology related images. To search Wildside's video clips go to YouTube and search our channel using keywords as described for images.

Many species are difficult to identify from photographs and we are greatly indebted to the many specialists who have contributed their time and efforts to help in this task. Any mistakes are ours.

Contact us:    kfletcher.at.wildsidephotography.ca  .....................or scroll down the page for links to a few sample images and quick links

Cambodia            All images from Cambodia
Eastern Plains         Banteng, Eld's Deer, White-shouldered Ibis, Sarus Cranes and other threatened fauna & flora of the Eastern Plains, Cambodia.
Mekong River         Cantor's Giant Softshell Turtle and landscapes, wildlife and flora along the Mekong River from Khone Falls (Laos) to Kratie, Cambodia.

Indonesia            All images from Indonesia (Flores & Komodo, Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra and West Papua).
Sulawesi                Images of the unusual wildlife of Sulawesi including the Babirusa, Cuscus and Spectral Tarsier.
Flores                     Landscapes, Komodo Dragons and Hobbits from Flores and Komodo National Park.
                 Orang Utan rehabilitation and wildlife, fauna, flora and environmental images from Sumatra.
Ujung Kulon          Landscapes, flora and fauna from Ujung Kulon National Park & World Heritage Site, Java: home of the Javan Rhinoceros.

Malaysia              All images from Malaysia.
Lantern Bugs        Colourful lantern bugs (Fulgoridae) from the rainforest of Malaysia.
Butterflies              Butterflies of Malaysia with links to other insects and arachnids (spiders, scorpions etc).
Snakes                   Snakes of Malaysia with links to other reptiles (lizards, turtles & crocodiles) and amphibians (frogs & toads). 
Birds                      Birds of Malaysia including the Great Argus and Crested Argus Pheasants, waterbirds and garden birds.
Mammals               Photographs of the Sumatran Rhinoceros, Gaur, Malayan Tapir, Sun Bear and other rare and endangered species from Malaysia.
Bats                       Bat species of Malaysia with high speed photographs of bats in flight and links to other cave fauna.
Primates                Primates of Malaysia including the Proboscis monkey and Orang Utan of Borneo, the Siamang and Western Tarsier.

Fungi                     Photographs of fungi from the rainforests of Malaysia.

Flora                      A quick look at the botanical diversity of the rainforests of Malaysia with more links below.........
Buttresses            Buttresses and flanges help support many species of rainforest trees against blow-down by strong winds.
Lianas                    Lianas (woody vines) twist and turn as they climb rainforest trees to reach the canopy.
Cauliflory               Many rainforest trees exhibit cauliflory whereby their flowers and fruits grow directly from the trunk and branches.
Palms                     Palms (Arecaceae) are an important component of the Malaysian rainforests from the coastal mangrove swamps to montane forests.
Gingers                  Zingiberaceae & Costaceae
- colourful flowering plants of the Malaysian rainforests.
Rafflesia                Rafflesia - the giant parasitic flower of the Malaysian rainforest with timelapse of a Rafflesia cantleyi bloom opening.
Pitcher Plants        Pitcher plants (Nepenthes sp) the insectivorous plants that provide a safe haven for tadpoles and other creatures.

Philippines         All images from the Philippines.
Panay Island          Endangered hornbills, Bleeding pigeons, Flying Foxes & Flying frogs, Cloud Rats, "tiny" Rafflesia and other wildlife, fauna and flora from Panay Island.

Sri Lanka            Images of horned lizards, endangered frogs, Indian cobras, giant blue earthworms, purple faced monkeys, & other widlife, flora and fauna from Sri Lanka.  

Thailand              All images from Thailand
Kui Buri                     Asian elepants (Elephas maximus) in the wild, Gaur (Bos gaurus) and other fauna and flora from Kui Buri National Park.
Sam Roi Yot           The endangered Fishing cat (Prionailuris viverrinus) and prawn farms, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park.
Kaeng Krachan      Montane Forest, Civet cats, Porcupines and Dusky Leaf Monkeys in Kaeng Krachan National Park.
Khao Sok               Rafflesia kerrii and other flora and fauna from Khao Sok National Park.

The Andes      
   Landscapes, flora and fauna from the Andes of Chile and Argentina.

Namibia               All images from Namibia
Etosha                   Wildlife of Etosha National Park, Namibia.
Namib Desert         Landscapes, aerial views and flora of the Namib desert, Namibia.

South Africa      
Penguins, ostriches and fynbos, wildlife and flora of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa.