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Giant Tualang tree
Koompassia excelsa

Lianas.......more pics
Buttresses........ more pics

Aerial roots of a fig tree
Ficus sp

Root mass of a fallen Tualang tree
Koompassia excelsa

Mangrove stilt roots
Rhizophora sp

Palms.......more pics

Rafflesia cantleyi.....more pics

Cauliflory........more pics

Unusual "Ghost" leaves
Trevesia burkii

Pitcher plants, Nepenthes sp....... more pics

Strangling fig
Ficus sp

Bark with lichens

Pinanga palm fruit.......more pics
Stilt roots

Kinta Weed - a semi-aquatic orchid
Papilionanthe hookeriana

Black Lily - Tacca cristata
Aroid - Amorphophallus prainii

One leaf plant
Monophyllaea hirticalyx

Root parasite
Christisonia sp

Calciphile gesneriad
Microchirita sp

Lipstick plant
Aeschynanthus sp

Terrestrial orchid
Paphiopewdilum barbatum

Kinta Weed - a semi-aquatic orchid
Papilionanthe hookeriana

Gesneriad - Ridleyandra flammea

Dipterocarp seeds
Dipterocarp seeds